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¿What is PrimeX by FUE?

PrimeX, FUE´s radical innovation laboratory

  • PrimeX is an initiative based on the innate human capacity to solve complex problems.

  • PrimeX gives students, universities and companies the tools they need to address the great global challenges that humanity will have to face in the coming years.

  • PrimeX has the structure and experience to organize teams with the necessary skills and attitudes to participate in these competitions and face the great global challenges in the coming years.

Would you like to form part of the radical innovation lab?

What is the FUE?

Fundación Universidad-Empresa

We are a private not-for-profit institution dedicated to promoting and developing dialogue and cooperation between universities and companies in areas of common interest, like training, innovation, entrepreneurship and employment.

We strive to improve the employability of young people through projects and initiatives that promote professional initiation programs, employer branding, RSC, training and the employment of young people.

We have a firm commitment with TALENT and offer the necessary tools for professional and personal development through initiatives based on learning-by-doing and collaborative work.

Deep Linking is FUE’s work philosophy. It is a different attitude based on listening, understanding and proposing, and the basis of our development in the spheres of professional initiation, employability, entrepreneurship consulting and innovation.