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Sergio Abarca Cifuentes

Head of Passenger & Cargo Flows

Sergio Abarca Cifuentes:

Born in Motril (Granada) but studied Industrial Engineering in Malaga.

Sergio is systematic, practical, realistic and assertive. He wants to keep learning because he thinks it is important for his personal and professional life. After a year of experience in Airbus, thanks to an internship from the FUE GAIA program, he has decided to continue his professional growth in Germany. He is someone who learns quickly and who is always on the lookout for challenges and goals to reach. He doesn’t lose motivation easily and believes that we must treat life like a long-distance race – not in a hurry, but never stopping.

His main ambition is to improve every day and to be able to return everything that society has given to him. To travel and to see unfamiliar places, people and cultures is another of his lifelong ambitions.

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