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Raquel Gijón Bastante

Head of Passenger & Cargo Flows

Raquel Gijón Bastante:

From Puertollano (Ciudad Real), a city with a rich history in industrial mining – which encouraged her and motivated her to study Chemical Engineering. Moreover, she has a Master’s Degree in Process Engineering and she took part in the FUE GAIA program, which gave her the opportunity to enter the workforce as well as participate in international projects through PrimeX by FUE.

Currently living in Santiago de Chile, working on a PhD in Process Engineering.

Raquel is a proactive person who adores technology and innovation. To her mind, education and learning means getting to know new fields, new people, new interests and to identify what needs changing today. For this reason, one of her goals is to work on projects that can have a significant impact on society through international teamwork

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