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Pablo Pingarrón Zarpadie


Pablo Pingarrón Zarpadiel:

Born in Getafe. Since he was young, whenever he heard an aeroplane engine he would run to see it from the window.

This passion for aeroplanes led him to obtain his glider pilot licence at 16 years old – learning to fly before he could drive. Later he studied Aerospace Engineering in order to further understand the world around us, to work with aeroplanes and to simplify people’s lives. At the same time as he was studying, he managed to work on a number of projects and programs offered by Airbus Group – for example being a speaker at a TEDx event at one of their factories in Illescas – the place where he had the opportunity to do the FUE GAIA program. He could be defined as a dedicated person who transmits confidence, honesty and professionalism.

He wishes to continue learning and growing in order to adapt himself to the world around him and to learn how things work in order to make things simpler for those that use them. His main ambition is to help, through engineering, those people closest to him and to make them happy