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Marta Fernández Pelayo

PrimeX by FUE es la mejor forma para anticiparnos al futuro.

Marta Fernández Pelayo:

Born in Torrelavega (Cantabria).

Moved to Madrid when she was 18 years old to graduate in Civil Engineering as she had always been interested in and passionate about the world of engineering and construction.

Once she had finished her degree, she wanted to widen her horizons, and with her interest in management and projects, she did an international MBA. This allowed her to discover the world of strategic management and projects. She joined the workforce by doing her internship at Ericsson through the FUE GAIA program. She considers herself to be a restless person, who is creative and with clear ideas. A person who always fights and who makes huge efforts to achieve what she wants.

She believes that education is the fundamental motor underpinning one’s being. Her motto “Life is not going to look for you. Life is created by you”

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