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María Ortega Pérez

Passenger & Cargo Flows Project Analyst

María Ortega Pérez:

Born in Jaén. She began her studies in Technical Architecture and afterwards did a degree in the Science and Technology of Construction.

Her passion for travel and to learn about other cultures awoke in her an interest to discover the different ways in which cities were designed and how their buildings were built. In this she found her true vocation.

Her main achievement up until now has been participating in the PrimeX Hyperloop team in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge competition. In 2016, she began her adventure as a student on the FUE GAIA Program at Airbus.

Dedicated, perfectionist, a great team player and incredibly excited by her work – these are qualities that define her and explain why she has been a greatly appreciated member of all the projects she has worked on. The one thing that most stands out about her is her determination to get things off the ground.

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