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Luis Eduardo Imbernón Cuadrado


Luis Eduardo Imbernón Cuadrado:

Born in Murcia and currently resident in Madrid. He completed a degree in Software Engineering. Later he did a Master’s Degree in Advanced Artificial Intelligence. Currently he is doing a PhD in Intelligent Systems, specializing in AI geared towards education.

At 12 years old, he obtained his first computer. At 16 years old, he sold his first software and at 17 he began to work as a developer. His greatest achievement, although he sees it more as luck than anything, is to be able to work in a field that inspires him. Extrovert, dedicated, hardworking and empathetic is how Luis would describe himself. His desire to keep learning stems from his wish to learn everything about that which surrounds us.

To be a leading expert in the world of AI within education and to contribute to the advancement of this technology is one of his greatest ambitions