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Lola López Gilabert


Lola López Gilabert:

Born in Tarragona, Lola has lived in Madrid since she was 18 years old. She studied Aeronautical Engineering, because since a young age she wanted to be an Astronaut. She chose to specialise in spacecraft.

She is proud of having achieved up until now all of the challenges she has set herself. She wants to carry on training and learning because she believes it is never possible to know everything and that there are always new fields to explore. Four adjectives that describe her would be: happy, hardworking, responsible and organised. Above all, her desire to never give up stands out, as does her way of facing up to and overcoming problems.

She wishes to get a job which she finds inspirational, where she is valued and where she can discover new places. Lola participated in the FUE GAIA program in Airbus.