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Javier Pérez Sianes


Javier Pérez Sianes:

Born in Valladolid and brought up in a village in Palencia province. Since a young age he was always attracted to science and technology. The PC was a way of satiating his thirst for knowledge, leading to him studying Computer Engineering.

It was there that he began to become interested in Artificial Intelligence within the ambit of Machine Learning and pattern recognition – as a result of which he decided to continue his academic training by going down the route of research and hence starting his PhD, something he continues today. Before starting the thesis, he discovered a field of study that united his passion for science with his study subject of computing – namely Bioinformatics.

He describes himself as a responsible, practical, cooperative and driven person. He believes that nowadays, continual training is vital across all professions, to stop training simply is not an option